After 2 years of co-ordingating ‘Babygroup’, I was delighted to have the best turn-out ever for my last week of orgnanising it.

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Babymoon to Ocho Rios

A luxury guest-house, a weekend away, a chance to go horse riding on the beach… I heard the term ‘Babymoon’ somewhere and decided now B (our baby boy) was a robust 7 weeks old, it was time to get out of Kingston. H (my husband) explained to me later, as we lay in our gorgeous king-size bed with B kicking and chortling between us, that a Babymoon was when a kind person, usually Granny, babysits the baby for the first time and the parents get away together for a romantic break. Not so easy when Grannies are 10,000km away!

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Joining the Expat Bubble

Last week, a bunch of my new girlfriends threw me a surprise baby shower! I felt very touched to be made such a fuss of after so little time here, and it certainly makes the impending arrival of the baby tornado seem a little less intimidating. (Due date in 4 days!) So how have I come to meet so many lovely people so fast? Some of it is about being in the ‘expat bubble’… Continue reading “Joining the Expat Bubble”

Coronation Market – revisited with a local!

If you read my post Downton Kingston, you’ll know my first trip with my husband to Coronation Market was a fairly adrenalin-filled adventure, where we bought nothing, kept madly smiling and moving on and felt pretty much like target practice! Well, I’m delighted to say that I’ve just been there for a second time, this time with a local, and had a totally different experience. Certainly pays to follow someone about who knows what they are doing!

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On one of my frequent trips to the supermarket, I had to stop myself from buying a fighter fish in a jar. For sale, bizarrely, at the pharmacy counter; these beautiful purple fish with long fins and tails, are living in small jars, gazing out at the world, or more likely their own reflection. I asked the lady behind the counter if they’d need a bigger tank, or would they be happy to keep living in a jar, and she just shrugged and said they live fine in a jar. Am beginning to know how that feels!

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