Vegan supermarket shopping in Barbados

Being vegan in Barbados is a lot like being vegan in the 1970’s in England. I make a lot of rice and peas! And butternut soup. Which is fine for me but perhaps a bit of a snore fest for the rest of my family… So, here’s some ready-to-serve vegan treasures I’ve managed to track down and where to find them!!

Cost U Less – Warrens

Cost U Less have one freezer full of vegan fake meat products. I know they are not all the healthiest, but I love the fact that they are ready to go, and acceptable to my 3 kids under 7, who are a pretty tough audience!

Chick’n dippers, bean burgers, Chick’n wings, sausages, whamd. It’s all pretty pricey but I find the Field Roast range better value than Morning Star, and I bought the 12 pack of vegan sausages below for $40 BBD which seemed like a pretty good deal to me! And they were tasty!

I really like Vegenaise (although my husband says it sounds like a illness that would lay you out for months) and the vegan butter is delicious. Oh, and look out for the non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s icecream. I still haven’t seen it!

Then there is WHAM. I love it if only for the name. Giving my kids ‘wham’ sandwiches for school makes me inordinately happy. Wham and cheese is even allowed. Two out of three of my kids love it, slathered with veganaise for school sarnies but my middle daughter just can’t face it, though it’s pleasingly pink and sweet and slimy. It is pretty weird!


Massy Stores – Super Centre at Warrens and Sky Mall

  • Sometimes tofu (it seems to come in a container occasionally, then they have plenty for a while until it all runs out for months again!)
  • Sometimes nutritional yeast
  • Often vegan cream cheese (based on coconut cream)
  • Sometimes weird vegan mozzarella useful for pizzas
  • Unsweetened soy milk beverage (Waitrose) cheapest non dairy milk I’ve found
  • Insanely expensive coconut-based yogurt that is occasionally on a red-sot special!

Health Food Shop at Sky Mall (will check name)

  • Nutritional yeast
  • Divine banana bread and cassava pone

As these products are hard to find, I am going to keep updating this post! It’s a work in progress….


Next posts I’m going to write:

  • Almond Milk
  • Amazing leafy greens, lettuce, herbs and ground provisions from Yosia at Harrows Organic Produce
  • Farmers Markets
  • Eating out as a vegan in Barbados
    • Vegan Restaurants and cafes
    • Restaurants with great vegan offerings!


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  1. Thanks for this article! I’m going to Barbados in about a month, the northwest area, and trying to plan according for [vegan] food. We are renting a condo type of place, with a kitchen. I’m thinking of bringing some of my own vegan staples in my suitcase, and I’m wondering what I’ll be able to find at the grocery store there – especially curious about faux meats, butter, milk, condiments, and bread. I’m so happy to hear that they carry veganaise and field roast!! Yum! I plan to buy plenty of fresh produce, but my husband will really want “meaty” type of foods. Any Gardein brand, or any seitan??

    1. Hi Megan, it’s a bit hit and miss! I was in Costuless today, they had veganaise, loads of gardein products, loads of plant milks, It’s very hard to find tofu regularly here or nutritional yeast. They did have reduced cashew nuts yoghurt about which I’m excited to try!!

    2. And I’m sorry but I don’t even know what Seitan is as I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, I know that you can’t get Tempeh.

      1. Thank you for all the info! Do you have plant-based butter there, like Earth Balance brand? I’m happy to hear that I should be able to find plant milks, veganaise, and Gardein – that’s awesome! We like the Boca chick’n patties too. I will plan to bring my own nutritional yeast because I use it on everything haha! Do you find bread easily, without milk or eggs in it? Any other suggestions of stores, farmers markets, and good restaurant spots? I did hear of a place with vegan ice cream!

      2. Yes cost u less has earth balance butter! All the bread I buy isn’t made with milk or eggs, It doesn’t say that it’s vegan but the regular Bran sandwich here doesn’t have any animal products. You can get vegan ice cream in fix cafe By Hastings on the south coast or in the coffee shop in lime Grove shopping centre, Although I never see it in the supermarket!! There is a little vegan restaurant called the lion’s share in Warrens- run by a nice Rasta called Steven, he Fired up his woodfired pizza oven just for us yesterday!! Not licensed though. Eating out here in fancy restaurants is very expensive- But most fancy places do put together something special for you if you ring ahead. Not many places have vegan options on the menu!

      3. You have been so helpful! I’m glad I found your blog! Are you familiar with the Happy Cow app/ website? It is basically a world-wide database to find vegan & vegetarian food! When I was choosing an island to vacation, one reason for Barbados was that Happy Cow showed several restaurant options. I had not heard of Lions Share before, because it’s not listed on Happy Cow. So I submitted the new info and now Lions Share is live on Happy Cow! It would be great if you went on there and wrote a review or maybe added some photos of your meals there! It would help other vegans who live there or are visiting, and it would help Lion’s Share get more business. You can download the app for free, and have paid memberships too, for more perks.

      4. I’m arriving on Friday! I’m staying in Speightstown. Do you know if specific grocery stores up there have some of the vegan staples, like Eddie’s Supermarket or Jordans Supermarket? I’m not planning to rent a car, so it’s foot, bus, or taxi for me I guess.

      5. So sorry not to have answered before, the truth is I don’t know at all! Do share with me what you find where, and where you’re favorite meal out is! Have a great time, welcome to Barbados!

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